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                • 成品天溝密封¤的技巧
                • 本站編輯:杭州曼◤布斯建材有限公司發布日期:2019-06-02 15:50 瀏覽次數:


                  彩鋁∑ 天溝雨水管施工必須在所用的工序完工之後進行,不得與其它工種穿插作業,以免影響安裝質量。而且要註意♀保護好材料雨水管,成品天溝,嚴禁損壞。



                Coloured aluminum product trench is an important part of the drowning system components, the appearance of bright colors, mainly aluminum alloy material, finished product trench can help gather water, and then eliminate buildings through rain pipes.
                The construction of rain pipes in the painted aluminum trench must be carried out after the completion of the process used, and must not be interspersed with other types of work so as not to affect the installation quality. And should pay attention to protect the material rain water pipe, finished product trench, strictly prohibit damage.
                The connection of the finished product trench, the sealing plate, and the connection between the groove connector and the trench must be sealed using the external building silicone gel. The standard for sealing is that the width of the gum is measured in the gap. Not less than 1 cm, the thickness of the adhesive is not less than 2 mm.