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                • 天溝怎麽樣維修和保養
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                Tiangou is an important part of the exterior of the house. They can direct large amounts of precipitation away from the foundation of the house. If the trench is damaged, then your basement and even your house are likely to be damp. What is the repair and maintenance of the trench?
                Leakage at seams
                Nowadays, many trenches are formed in one body and belong to seamless docking. However, many old building trenches still use trenches that are connected by two metal plates, which causes leaks at the seams to become common. Usually on rainy days, no one will go out to check whether the trench leaks, so regular inspection is crucial. Sprinkle the roof above the trench with water pipes from the garden on sunny days. If there is a problem with the trench, you will see a leak within 3-5 minutes. Record the location of the leaky seams.
                The repair process is easy. It only needs to be completely clean near the leaking location when the trench is completely dry. Then use waterproof tape to stick to the surface or hit the glass glue at the seam.
                A small hole in the aluminum plate
                It can be repaired with a special putty on the roof. Also make sure the water leak around the drying, the surface of the small hole with putty can be sealed. Note that the amount of putty does not have to be excessive, otherwise it will not be able to completely dry, if the rainy season, must be good weather forecast, otherwise your labor may be wasted.
                Big hole in the aluminum plate.
                Cover the hole with a piece of metal, secure with putty, and cover the edge of the piece of metal to prevent water from leaking below the edge. Similarly, make sure the whole area is clean and dry, in order to ensure viscosity.
                Trench sinking
                Over time, the trench may sink and cause water to flow out of the trench in advance, causing leakage. The way to repair the sinking trench is to increase the drainage ditch. Place one in a drooping position and hold it up until it is inline with the rest of the sink. Don't lift it too high, or you 'll create a new "low point" that will hold water.