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                • 彩鋁落水系統的防水怎麽樣處理
                • 本站編輯:澳门皇冠足彩app發布日期:2019-07-07 07:42 瀏覽次數:




                It is very important for the waterproofing of the waterproofing system such as the waterproofing system. The waterproofing system will also affect the drainage. Therefore, we must pay special attention to the waterproofing of the waterproofing system. What should I pay attention to? Hangzhoumanbusi building materials limited company will come to speak for you!
                When gumming, the glue gun should be pushed into the gap that needs to be sealed, and then use the hand or scraper to extend from one end to the same direction. The thickness of the glue gun to the glue to press the glue to the gap that needs to be sealed, and then use the hand or scraper to extend from one end to the end of the flat. When using sealant, it is best to use building silicone gel.