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                • 玻纖瓦☉的特性
                • 本站編輯:澳门皇冠足彩app發布日期:2019-09-21 10:29 瀏覽次數:







                多彩玻ζ 纖瓦屋面不會在惡劣氣候環境的影響下出現銹蝕、花斑等現Ψ象。




                多彩㊣ 玻纖瓦屋面符合美國材料測試協會(ASTM)的防火標準(ASTME108)。多彩ω玻纖瓦屋面防火等級已達到美國A級防火標準。







                多彩玻纖瓦能夠在任何條件下施工,從而縮短了施工周期。節約了人工費用,而且由於屋面自重較∴輕。從而降低了用於承重的工程成本。合理的費用加上較長的 使用年限使得多彩玻纖瓦屋面具有良好的綜合經濟指標。




                Fiber tile properties
                1. All-weather:
                The colorful fiberglass roof can resist erosion caused by light, heat and cold, rain and various climatic factors.
                2. Thermal insulation:
                The low thermal conductivity of the colorful fiber roof blocks the conduction of heat from the outside to the inside in the summer. The loss of outward in the winter ensured the life of Shushianjing, the top household.
                3. Corrosion resistance:
                The colorful fiberglass roof will not appear rust and flower spots under the influence of harsh climate.
                4. Dust protection:
                The colorful fiberglass tile roof is not easy to accumulate ash and forms obvious stains. Even under the conditions of long-term rainy season, it will not accumulate water stains, and it will appear cleaner and brighter after rainwater washing.
                5. Fireproof:
                The colorful fiberglass tile roof meets the ASTM fire safety standard(ASTME108). The fire level of the colorful fiberglass tile roof has reached the American Class A fire protection standard.
                6. Windproofing:
                In accordance with the tests of the Insurance Laboratory(UC) and the ASTM D3018, ASTM D3161, ASTM3462, etc.. The colorful fiberglass tile has passed the anti-strong typhoon test in the laboratory.
                (at 96 km/h wind speed)
                7. Scope of application:
                Due to the flexibility of the colorful fiberglass tile, the colorful fiberglass tile roof is suitable for various shapes of buildings, such as: curved, circular and other roof types.
                8. Economic and construction simplicity:
                The colorful fiberglass tile can be constructed under any condition, thus shortening the construction period. The savings in labour costs were also due to the lighter weight of the roof. This reduces the cost of the project used for load bearing. Reasonable cost combined with long service life makes the multicolored fiberglass tile roof have good comprehensive economic indicators.
                9. Durability:
                The colorful fiberglass tile itself has a long service life, ranging from 20 to 50 years. If installed correctly, the multicolored fiberglass tile roof has little or no repair. Even if damaged, it is easy to repair.
                10. Beauty style harmony